Saturday, April 30, 2016

Novus DigiRail-4C RS485 Four counters/digital inputs


The DigiRail-4C has 4 inputs designed to accept four Volt Free Digital inputs. Its compact DIN Rail mountable form allows it to be mounted almost anywhere and the DigiRail-4C connects to Serial ModBus-RTU networks on standard 2 wire RS485. The DigiRail-4C is fully configurable and can be used with any PLC, Data acquisition software or SCADA systems that support the ubiquitous ModBus-RTU protocol.

The DigiRail-4C inputs are electrically isolated from the serial interface and the module supply thus avoiding interference.
The DigiRail-4C is easily configured and calibrated using the free DigiConfig software for Windows (if you need a RS485 converter the Novus USB i485 will be an appropriate addition).
The DigiConfig software also features device detection technology, automatically detecting all DigiRail devices on the modBus network allowing quick and easy configuration.


  • Inputs: 4 Digital Inputs: Logic level 0 = 0 to 1 Vdc; Logic level 1 = 4 to 35 Vdc
  • Internal Input current limitation: approximately 5 mA
  • Maximum count frequency: 1000 Hz for signals with square wave and working cycle of 50%. Input 1 can be configured for counting signals of up to 100 kHz.
  • Counting capacity (per input): 32 bits (0 to 4.294.967.295)
  • Feed: 10 to 35 Vdc / 50 mA maximum. Internal protection against polarity inversion.
  • Electrical insulation between inputs and supply/serial port: 1000 Vdc for 1 minute
  • Serial communication: RS485 at two wires, Modbus RTU protocol.
  • Configurable parameters:
    • Communication speed: from 1200 to 115200 bps; Parity: even, odd or none
    • Key for restoring communication parameters: The RCom key, at the front panel, will set the device in diagnostics mode (address 246, baud rate 1200, parity even, 1 stop bit), able to be detected and configured by the DigiConfig software.
  • Frontal light indicators for communication and status:
  • DigiConfig Software configurator for Windows® 98, 2000, XP, NT or Vista
  • DIN Rail Mountable
  • Compact Enclosure: 19x72x78 mm
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novus digirail-4c